Welcome Faculty/Staff

What can you do within Instructor Support?

Instructors with No Classes

If an instructor has no classes, you will see this message upon logging in.

Instructor with no classses message

Class Roster with COVID Related Info

When you log in the first thing you will see is your class roster and the associated
COVID compliance information. Please note if your class is not in-person/hybrid then
the COVID info will not show.

COVID Compliance Info page

View Add/Drop Students

View the students that have added or dropped your class on a specified date.

View Student Add/Drops page

Delegate Class Roster

You can delegate your classes to other instructors or TAs so they can effectively
manage those classes on their instructor support app, Class Roster Tab.

Delegate Class Roster page

Enable Email Alerts

If you would like an email alert when a student adds or drops your class, enable
email alerts in the settings menu.

Please note: You will only get alerts if there is any student that adds or drops your
classes the day before. If there are no adds or drops the day before you will not get
an alert.

Enable email alerts slider setting

Refer Students for Assistance

In a feature coming soon, you will be able to refer students for assistance including
services like Academic Advising, Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and more.

Refer Students for Assistance page